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Help support Haiti by purchasing a painting created by a Haitian artist. To bid on a painting, send e-mail to info@movie-voters.com with the Number of the Painting you would like to purchase

GabrielCoutard2705s.jpg GabrielCoutard2705s.jpg GabrielCoutard2705s.jpg

Gabriel Coutard  
20 X 24  
Price US$ 225.jpg 

Prefette Duffaut
8 X 40  
Price US$ 900.jpg 

Henry Jean Louis  
20 X 24  
Price US$ 400.jpg

GabrielCoutard2705s.jpg GabrielCoutard2705s.jpg GabrielCoutard2705s.jpg

Nicolas Mentor  
20 X 24  
Price US$ 550.jpg

Jean Claude Paul  
20 X 24  
Price US$ 250.jpg

Pierre Joseph Valcin  
16 X 20  
Price US$ 2000.jpg

GeraldValcin11122 GeraldValcin11122 ClaudeDambreville#1113

Gerald Valcin
24 X 30
Price US$ 2500.jpg

Paul Beauvoir
10 X 20
Price US$ 1200.jpg

Claude Dambreville
20 X 24
Price US$ 1200.jpg

BernardSejourne9702 EdnerJean2420 ErbstLouizor2948
Bernard Sejourne
36 X 32
Price US$ 15,000
Edner Jean
24 X 30
Price US$ 350
Erbst Louizor
Price US$750
LucknerLazard2504s ReynaldJoseph2910s JeanLaguerre2941s
Luckner Lazard
3 X 12
Price US$ 675
Reynald Joseph
Price US$475
Jean Laguerre
20 X 24
Price US$ 300
MeceneBrunis9405s FranckLouissaint2995s GallandSemerand2105
Mecene Brunis
20 X 24
Price US$ 290
Franck Louissaint
30 X 40
Price US$ 3900
Galland Semerand
Price US$ 4000
AndreNormil2401s Seide2710s ReynaldJoseph2956s
Andre Normil
20 X 24
Price US $3,500
36X 48
Price US$ 1,400
Reynald Joseph
32x30 biptique
Price US $750
CaalixteHenry2203s AlbottBonhomme2895 MichelAdward2843s
Caalixte Henry
# 2203
Price US $900
Albott Bonhomme
Price US $625
Michel Adward
Price US$325
GeorgesDesarmes2103s KensCassagnol2423s NelsonWooley2606s
Georges Desarmes
Price US$550
Kens Cassagnol
# 2423
Price US$350
Nelson Wooley
Price US $300
Arijac2405 MichelEdouar2843 FritzMerize2322s
Price US$600
Michel Edouar
20 X 24
Price US$ 325
Fritz Merize
Price US$300
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Anaheim University Akira Kurosawa School of Film
Bonaventure Hotel The Academia Foundation, a non-profit public charity
Christie Digital Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
Asiana Airlines All Nippon Airways (ANA)
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Japan Society Consulate-General of Japan in Los Angeles Japan Foundation Los Angeles Korean Film Council (KOFIC)
Korean Cultural Center
Chinese Chamber of Commerce of Los Angeles Japan Korea Society
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