Shareholders' General Meeting 2020


   On March 10, at 9:30 am, an extraordinary shareholders meeting was held in the company's third-floor meeting room. This meeting heard the financial report made by financial manager Zhang Lixia, the performance statement of the first board of directors made by chairman Liu Guohua, and the board of supervisors Chairman Zhou Lemin's work report on behalf of the Supervisory Board. The proposal of nominating Liu Guohua, Tong Tongqing, Li Shulin, Zhang Lixia, and Liu Rui as members of the new board of directors was reviewed and approved. The proposal of Zhou Lemin and Zhang Guangye as members of the Supervisory Board was considered and approved. Examined and approved the proposal of Ma Jianzhong as an employee supervisor. The meeting also studied and decided on other matters.

     After the shareholders meeting, the new board of directors held a meeting to elect Liu Guohua's chairman of the new board of directors, and Liu Rui was the secretary of the new board of directors. Chairman Liu Guohua pointed out that the new board of directors will work on the principle of “stabilizing industry, selecting opportunities for development, increasing operations, and returning to shareholders”. In the next three years, the board of directors will be pragmatic and effective in accordance with the three-year set goals. Enterprises are developing healthier and more orderly.

     The new Supervisory Board elected Zhou Lemin as the chairman of the new Supervisory Board.