Longxin Tianrun fulfilled its social responsibility and donated 200,000 yuan in the face of the epidemic


Binzhou Longxin Tianrun Food Co., Ltd., as a leading company in the agricultural field of Binzhou, bravely assumes social responsibilities. At the beginning of the epidemic, the company donated 200,000 yuan to the Bincheng Charity Federation to fight the epidemic. enterprise. Mr. Liu Guohua, the general manager of the National People's Congress, is also very concerned about the epidemic situation, especially the strong support for the epidemic prevention work of the company's resident, leading the company to contribute to the epidemic.

The government is also very supportive of the company, giving priority to road transport, actively supporting enterprises to resume work and production, and escorting normal operations of the company.

The company donated 200,000 yuan

Bincheng District Government Acceptance
、濱城區五大局驗收復工.jpgMarket Supervision Authority
市場監督管理局督導.jpgDirector of Industrial Park Gao Hongtao
工業園區副主任督導.jpgCadres in the industrial park supervise production