Fighting the epidemic, Longxin people are in action


A sudden epidemic disrupted people's mood to celebrate the Spring Festival. In the face of the epidemic, the people of the whole country joined hands and became a city. Longxin people faced the epidemic and did not evade or panic and actively responded to ensure the safety of employees and strict product quality. Fine management, strict control and prevention, and actively fight against epidemic situation. Catch the fight against the epidemic, control the quality of the products internally, practice the fine work style of Longxin people, and work in a pragmatic and effective manner.

At the beginning of the epidemic, General Manager Liu Guohua came to work, organized relevant personnel to convene a meeting, set up a leadership team to fight the epidemic, and personally took charge, subdivided and assigned related tasks such as logistics, safety production, and epidemic propaganda to employees, ensuring employees Safety, ensuring product safety, ensuring production safety, and preparing work for enterprises.

The company started work and formulated a detailed resumption plan and emergency plan, carried out detailed investigations of returning employees, carefully monitored the physical health, and meticulously promoted various work after the start of the work, and General Manager Liu deployed before classthe company was able to run smoothly, orderly and well.
General Manager Liu deployed before class
Doorman disinfection

Office disinfection
辦公場所消毒.jpgCanteen disinfection
Dining at the wrong peak食堂錯峰吃飯.jpgEnter the workshop for disinfection