Resigning the old welcome party

Resigning the old welcome party

December 31 evening 17:58, paper products and a feast hall on the second floor banquet hall laughing Yingying, happily drinking Longxin family sitting together to exchange ideas, to carry out Longxin shares and New Year tea party in recognition of advanced.

The tea party, general manager of Comrade Liu Guohua offer for you family New Year's blessing, tea party in song and laughter, the delicious meals brought to dinner taste, the teams share the game relaxed mood; vegetables teams own creation "Longxin song ", the tea party to a climax. In the happy cheerful atmosphere, the company advanced workers, outstanding team, integrated management of advanced team conducted on-site recognition, each of the winning individual and collective not only won the honor, and harvest material reward, in joyous atmosphere have indicated that persistent efforts, new heights.

By the annual meeting of the New Year tea party, it boosted the morale of workers, increasing the team's cohesion, solidarity. We believe that we can play better in the new year work enthusiasm, initiative and creativity, the courage to play, dare as, innovation, enable companies to better development.

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