Liu Feng, deputy head of Bincheng District Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

On the morning of July 27th, Dr. Liu Feng, deputy head of Science and Technology Department of Bincheng District, came to the company for research.

On the morning of July 27th, Dr. Liu Feng, the deputy head of Bincheng District Science and Technology, came to the company for investigation. The general manager of the company, Liu Guohua, talked with him. Liu, the district governor, learned about the business situation of the company, the product structure of the company, and Liu’s talk about the agricultural direction is its main attack. Directions, have special feelings for agriculture-related enterprises. Since coming to work in Bincheng District, I am very interested in the operation status of Longxin Tianrun Food Co., Ltd., which is a leading company in Bincheng District. With a good reputation, it has formed a complete industrial chain and contributed to the local economic development. General Manager Liu Guohua expressed his gratitude to Mr. Liu for his concern. Mr. Liu introduced the development history and business philosophy of the company to Mr. Liu. With the concern of the government, Longxin will become bigger and bigger, and the better it will be. Finally, Liu Changchang expressed his willingness to serve the enterprise well, using his advantages in agriculture, introducing new varieties for enterprises, and broadening the product development channels of enterprises. In order to increase the competitiveness of enterprises, to help enterprises to better develop and effectively solve problems for enterprises.