Mid-Year Meeting in 2019


Mid-Year Meeting in 2019

Midsummer summer heat, green water lotus green. On the morning of July 18, Longxin Company's Mid-Year Work Summary Conference in 2019 was
held on the third floor of the company conference room. All middle-level and above leaders, functional department staff and staff representatives of
the company participated.

The meeting was mainly reported by Finance Department, Vegetable Company, Pasta Company, Condiment and Fitt Company.Comrade Liu Guohua,
General Manager of the company, made a concluding statement.

Firstly, Comrade Zhang Lixia, Finance Department, vividly presents the basic operation situation of each production unit through detailed data. Through
horizontal and vertical comparison, he shows the completion of production, sales, foreign exchange earning,profit and other indicators of each company,
and analyses the advantages and disadvantages of each company in the operation process, so as to serve each company. Normal operation analysis
provides data support.

Comrade Li Dongze, a vegetable company, summed up his work in the last half year. The output was 120% of the plan and the sales were 101% of the
plan. All other indicators exceeded the scheduled plan. Manager Li analyzed the market of the vegetable sector in the first half of the year and the basic
situation of the related products, made a detailed plan for the second half of the year, readjusted the objectives, and set the direction for the work in the
second half of the year.

Comrade Tian Zhenhe of the pasta company sorted out the work of the pasta plate in the first half of the year, with an output of 2030 tons, a sales volume
of 2050 tons, an average daily output of 12 tons, and smoothly over-fulfilled the plan in the first half of the year. He adjusted the work plan for the second
half of the year, pressured himself and carried on with heavy loads. The manager of Tian focused on the problems in the first half of the year, as well as the
problems in Solutions and ideas to the problems have been laid out for the next half year's work.

Comrade Zhang Guangqu reported on the work of Baixian and Longxinfeit in the Arctic. He analyzed the sales volume, raw materials, customers, production
costs, product development and other aspects, especially the product development and innovative management methods of the new company. New products
can increase the vitality of enterprises, and new management methods will also be adopted.To add vitality to enterprises, I believe that in the second half of
the year, the cooperative company will achieve better development.

Finally, the general manager of the company, Comrade Liu Guohua, made a concluding statement. Firstly, the work of the company in the first half of the year
was summarized. Liu said that all units successfully completed the business objectives of the first half of the year according to the plan. The overall operation
was good, the morale of the management team was high, the initiative and execution were strong, and the functional departments were conscientious and
cooperated with each other. Coordination, smooth advancement of technological reform, has added impetus to the enterprise; then, General Liu has put
forward requirements for all units, and General Liu has asked all units to "self-pressure, pragmatic and efficiency-seeking". General Liu emphasizes that the
objectives should be readjusted, self-pressure should not be relaxed, grasp the direction, control costs, improve labor efficiency, and find solutions to problems.
Questions should be good at summarizing and learning, contacting more new things, and transforming them into productive forces. Pay attention to safety,
improve employment and reduce risks. Finally, Liu always hopes that each unit can analyze the company's current situation and industry prospects, formulate a
3-5-year plan, strive for excellence in the industry, through long-term planning, make a good strategy, dare to think and dare to do, and realize their dreams.